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Discovery workshop

Developing action areas and approaches for the agile transformation
Seminar-Teilnehmer arbeitet an einem Value Proposition Canvas

Discover your own path, accompanied by experts

The changes as a result of the pandemic have shown how much organizations can achieve when the pressure is high and the goal is clear. Yet change is difficult for us when we supposedly do not feel any pressure or there are different opinions in the room. How can the participants deal constructively with the complexity in these situations and find a direction? Particularly if they are concerned about doing something wrong and there is subsequently a lot of discussion, but little action?

In the transformation discovery workshop, we sit down together and look at the complex project of corporate transformation. It is important to take action quickly in transformation situations. Companies often firstly have to complete the internal, agile transformation before they can present their gains in the form of new products or improved services, for example.

If they want to reach this point, a holistic perspective is required. Accordingly, in the transformation discovery workshop we examine all transformation areas in combination: the mindset, the type of cooperation, and the organizational structures. We help you to examine your situation within a short space of time and set your own path.

The discovery workshop is suitable for you, if …
  • … you are planning a transformation project and want to approach it in a structured manner.
  • … your transformation has stalled and you want to get it going again.
  • … you need to get groups on board who are critical of the transformation or still have little experience of transformation matters.
After the discovery workshop, you will be able to …
  1. … work out your organization’s strengths while also identifying the challenges.
  2. … work out the transformation action areas.
  3. … draw up a future concept with purpose, mission, and vision.


Day 1

Framework conditions / terms of reference
  • Working out the current framework conditions
  • Conducting a stakeholder analysis and establishing the requirements
  • Reviewing and defining the terms of reference

Day 2

Deine Expert:innen
Brainbirds certification included
  • … you want to make your team’s culture tangible for all members and continue to develop together.
  • … you want to reposition teams within your company in the areas of transformation or HR.
  • … the current team structure is not working or is characterized by individual views.

für Unternehmen

Mittlere und große Teams ab 6 Plätzen

Dauer: 2 Tage

Ort: Präsenz oder Live-Online

Sprache: Deutsch oder Englisch

Max. 12 Teilnehmer:innen

No prior knowledge required

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Open questions?

We are a larger team / a whole area and want to do a workshop. What does such a large format look like?
For more than 12 participants we work with several trainers to moderate the small groups. Short theory units are given to all as an impulse in the plenum.

Als Inhouse-Format anfordern

  • Firmeninterne Weiterbildung mit flexibler Gruppengröße
  • Bedarfsorientierte Anpassungen möglich
  • Durchführung in Präsenz oder Live-Online

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