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OKR education session

Raise the profile of OKR within the organization
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Get others on board!

Are you in the starting blocks with the OKR implementation process? Then it is now also time to bring the other participants and managers into the fold so that everyone is on the same page. How do you manage to school a large number of people as quickly as possible in the general principles of OKR and your specific OKR framework?

The OKR education session is designed precisely for this purpose. This is where team members get a brief and concise overview of the key terms and mechanics of OKR. In the end, everyone will be familiar with the OKR architecture within your organization as well as your goals, guidelines, and the implementation process. It will also become clear how different objectives and steps within the organization are aligned vertically and horizontally and linked with one another.

After the education session, you will thus be able to pull off the implementation process together!

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Day 1

Develop an overarching understanding
  • Basics and context of Objectives & Key Results
  • Detailed introduction to OKRs
  • Presentation of important artifacts
  • Practical transfer and reflection
Details for companies

  • Cancellation free of charge up to 21 days before the start of training
  • Flexible group size with one or more trainers
  • Conducted in German or English language
Our formats

Live online

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Face to face

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Brainbirds certification included

  • You will receive a Brainbirds certificate for your newly acquired skills upon completion of the training
  • Evidence of your progressive corporate culture
  • Communicate your qualifications in a straightforward manner both internally and externally

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After the OKR education session, you will be able to …

  • … understand how OKR works and establish an OKR architecture within the company.
  • … formulate and effectively communicate OKR across all levels.
  • … master complex tasks and projects with the aid of OKR.
  • … align various objectives within the organization both horizontally and vertically.

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für UnternehmenOKR Education Session
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