Standstill is falling behind

Lena is the first point of contact for customers via email and phone at Brainbirds in the role of operations / client relation and is also responsible for the preparation and follow-up of all online and face-to-face formats. In addition, she is specifically assigned as expert for the tool intro sessions** in order to provide all participants of the Brainbirds live online formats with an uncomplicated experience with the online tools.

Lena completed an apprenticeship as a hotel manageress in renowned hotels. There she grew to love dealing with people. Over time, she further developed her skills by gaining a foothold in the training industry. True to the motto "standing still is falling behind". Lena is always open to new things and combines this trait with her service-oriented thinking towards customers and employees.

Lena enjoys sports or hiking in forests and mountains together with her partner. She also likes to indulge in culinary delights and enjoys life with one or two glasses of red wine in the evening.