To be a flawless member of a flock of sheep, one must first and foremost be a sheep.

Marc works as a management and strategy consultant, systemic coach, trainer and lecturer. He enjoys preparing companies and executives for work in the future or developing and transforming them. He is not only well versed in leadership topics, but also in agile business forms, agile team and organizational development, business innovations and strategy development, he can draw on his expertise as a systemic coach from broad knowledge and many years of experience.

For more than 20 years, he has gained project experience both internally in smaller companies and externally in larger consulting firms. In the process, Marc has been able to successfully implement countless international projects. He has industry experience in financial services, industry, energy, construction & real estate, high-tech and tourism.

He completed his engineering studies with an Executive MBA, as well as a postgraduate degree in coaching, supervision and organizational consulting.

Marc is a globetrotter and likes to travel as a digital nomad. This allows him to combine work with his greatest passion: traveling and getting to know foreign cultures.