Be magical in thinking and heroic in action

Patric helps start-ups, SMEs, and corporations with their transformation to agility, growth, and sustainability. Whether scaling-up or achieving the turnaround, as an agile coach/trainer he relies on a proven toolbox of best-practice approaches (including “good-to-great,” “10 Rockefeller Habits,” “Spiral Dynamics / 9 Levels,” “start with why,” “OKR,” and “agile frameworks”).

His conviction in this VUCA world: Focus on helping people to embrace a growth mindset and develop problem-solving dynamics around a purpose in teams. Patric brings experience from the fresh product area of the food industry to the table. Within this highly dynamic industry there is a need for a people-centric culture, with a high passion for innovation and efficient work in cross-functional teams. In as early as 1995, he oversaw his first digital transformation involving forecast/predictive analysis! In various management positions (strategic marketing, sourcing and alliances, or commercial management) Patric has gained a wide range of insights into how companies can be successful … or not. His leadership and team spirit are rooted in a career as an elite sportsman in baseball, having spent seven years playing in the top flight in France and Germany.

His first experience with remote leadership dates back to 2002 when he led cross-border teams for northern Europe. In 2015, he was project manager for a consortium involved in setting up recycling structures in Chile. As part of this project, he managed a team spread across three time zones with over 40 stakeholders … with Skype and Webex, which were constantly crashing.

He has since built up over 200 days of experience in online workshops and training courses, providing excellent staff and organization development content in the virtual sphere.

He gained a master’s degree in agribusiness from the ESA Purpan in Toulouse, France, specializing in innovation management in the food industry, marketing, finance, and corporate management.

Besides coaching companies, Patric also coaches students and parents, helping them to overcome doubts, fears, and uncertainties that lead to defiance and defensiveness and develop useful motivational strategies over the course of four weeks. This is growth mindset and leadership in action.

He continues to indulge his passion for baseball as a trainer/player and coach of a local team.

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