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In times of change, continuous training is the key to success. It may be about finding a sense of purpose and new motivation, exploiting potential, and putting yourself in a strong position as an individual on the labor market. Or it may concern the strategic development of an organization that is striving to maintain the loyalty of its employees in the race for talent.

We work passionately every single day to make people and companies strong. We give you the tools to really help you get ahead. Surpass your own expectations – with our numerous learning formats focusing on agile innovation development, agile project management, and agile leadership.

The Brainbirds promise

  • Modular live online training sessions, foundation seminars, in-depth courses, and focused workshops
  • Concepts that are fit for the future, integrated into our unique, comprehensive transformation model
  • Sustainable development for you and your company

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Experience interactive seminars, workshops and trainings. Directly from the Brainbirds studios or on site.

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New Work, VUCA and Agility

What do these buzzwords mean for you and your company?

The digital transformation is in full swing. Our world today, also known as the VUCA world, is characterized by the factors of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Long-term forecasts are difficult to make in times of constant change. The pace of markets is accelerating, competitors - mostly in the form of start-ups - are emerging unexpectedly from the sidelines. All these scenarios carry some unprecedented risks, but at least equally as many opportunities.

The New Work trend offers multifaceted approaches so that individuals, teams and entire companies can successfully shape the digital transformation and use it for their own benefit. Corporate cultures that allow and promote agile and meaningful ways of working play a central role here.

The first step for transformation is the willingness to change something, starting with your own mindset. After all, change starts in the mind of each individual. It also requires agility, i.e. new, agile approaches to work, in order to be able to react to the required speed of the markets, to focus on the customer, to work more efficiently and to be one step ahead of the competition.

We want to get people fit for digital transformation, empower them, inspire them and ultimately accompany them during implementation. Whether you want to advance your own career, improve collaboration in your team, or tackle the transformation of your business, we have the right format for you. This will help you to successfully master the challenges in an ever faster moving world and to gain new perspectives in order to be able to seize individual opportunities. In our innovative live online formats, we provide you with the latest digital collaboration tools and didactically designed content with the highest level of interactivity. You exchange ideas with others, benefit live from the best in their field, and learn the various approaches and methods in practice.

With keynote speeches and interactive workshop sessions, we sensitize you, your team and your entire company to digital transformation in order to initiate change processes. In our open and in-house seminars and trainings, we empower individuals and small groups to independently manage and actively shape the digital transformation. In doing so, we focus on teaching agile approaches and methods. In addition, we provide you with tips and tricks for the transfer into your own work environment with our Brainbirds tools.

On the way to a sustainable organization, we accompany teams and entire companies with concise individual workshops that can be combined individually. Together, we define the framework for action, set priorities and identify dependencies.