Brainbirds — your agile partner when it comes to successfully shaping change

Since 2013, Brainbirds has been committed to its vision of giving people the necessary knowledge and tools to enable them to master change processes and play an active role in shaping them.

The complex world in which we live calls for agile teams and managers: People of action who identify opportunities in new ways of working and use the innovative methods and tools within their own context. We stand behind these principles.

Change starts with you

Our many years of experience has shown us that everything starts with you. Accordingly, we see it as our task to make you, your team, and your company fit to deal with agile working methods. Our main concern in this regard is to make sure we meet you precisely where you are currently at.

We are dedicated to ensuring your continuous and sustainable growth.

Your companions

In order to support your and your company’s transformation in the best way possible, we are there for you and your company before, during, and after your participation in one of our courses.

We do not just teach, we actively live holistic approaches to sustainable transformation. Therefore, it is especially important to us that we consider all relevant aspects and dependencies of a transformation process. For this purpose, we have developed our Transformation Framework and made it available to you as a supporting resource. Similar to a precise “road map”, it should give you orientation on your learning journey, as well as help you determine and prioritize your key focus areas.

In our interactive and modular seminars, workshops, coaching sessions and/or training programs, we will make you familiar with relevant new ways of working and modern approaches to leadership. Also, we will develop organizational models adapted to your individual challenges. This is how we help you and your organization tackle changes while staying focussed in the process.

Of course, we are more than happy to assist you in your search for the learning format that really fits your needs. Our qualified assistants will answer your questions any time by phone or email.

Seminar-Teilnehmer im Austausch mir Trainer Marko Prislin
Time Timer und Seminarunterlagen im Fokus
Seminar-Teilnehmer im Brainstorming an einem Flip-Chart

How we work

The foundation of our work is our Transformation Framework, which we use to determine key focus areas for you and your organization. We first analyze the outer world so that we fully understand the challenges we are facing in our rapidly changing world. This is what enables us to identify and take advantage of real opportunities that open up for both individuals and organizations.

This perspective is essential for then rethinking the culture of our inner world in the next step. Which of its four main areas is the best starting point for your and your organization’s transformation? Whether it is your mindset, ways of working, leadership, organizational structures, or even multiple areas simultaneously – our roughly 60 experienced trainers and coaches can give you and your organization the necessary knowledge and tools that are right for you. Start your journey towards a new work culture and real high-impact teams with energy and enthusiasm!

We get you fit!

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, managers, and coaches with many years of professional experience in dynamic markets. Our common goal is to spur every single person into action and involve them in the processes. Knowledge should not only be theoretical, but also tangible!

Whether you wish to further your own career or drive forward your company's transformation, we look forward to accompanying you on your long-term development path.

Brainbirds Trainerin Steffi Kieffer präsentiert im Brainbirds Studio

7 reasons why Brainbirds is the right choice:

  • Excellent Successfully operating for more than eight years, with experience and expertise gained from more than 2,000 client projects
  • Connected with motivational trainers and coaches who possess proven practical skills on a global level
  • Practice-oriented in our methods, to make an impact and promote sustainable development
  • Innovative due to the sophisticated Brainbirds framework that ensures a constructive and comprehensive transformation process
  • Pioneering by undertaking specific analysis of the situation and breaking new ground together
  • Present before, during, and after your distinctive Brainbirds experience
  • Loved by our clients, over 95% of whom would build up their knowledge with us again

Together for a new tomorrow

Every year, we help over 10,000 people in various situations and from virtually every sector to get fit.

No fewer than 28 of the top 30 DAX companies are already among our clients. Furthermore, we cooperate with associations, educational institutions, and key organizations in the digital sector. In doing so, we value mutual dialogue and creative ideas and are committed to bringing these ideas to life in a pragmatic way.