Why not?

Felix works as an organizational psychologist in various roles. As a trainer and coach, he supports organizations in their transformation towards future-proof companies. He accompanies teams with agile approaches towards more effective collaboration. In his consulting, Felix emphasizes providing an evidence-based foundation around leadership, feedback (processes) and decision-making. He is particularly passionate about data-driven approaches to transformation and leadership through intelligent analytics.

Due to his activities in human resources and organizational development in the company, Felix knows that real development can only come from personal experience. In the IT environment, he was able to effectively apply this knowledge for several years in the guidance of various teams. With this mix of expertise and pragmatism, he creates a desire for change. Since 2019, Felix has also been gaining experience in distributed teams in the field of software development. Especially in the context of leadership development, he is able to combine his expertise from research on remote leadership with practical experience.

Felix studied psychology with a focus on organizational psychology in Regensburg and Darmstadt.

In his free time he likes to spend his time with music and can be heard nationwide on stages or in music streaming services of choice with his band FLIMMER.