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Keynotes – leading people

Directly based on practice: compact talks for your company
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Lasting momentum for a new leadership concept

The role of the manager is changing. In the context of New Work and New Leadership, this role is becoming the driving force for innovation and, as a consequence, for the future of your company. The manager is an encourager, visionary, critic and empathizer. But this message must first get into the minds of your managers.

Leading people – what does that mean to you? With our keynotes, we start with your self-image, providing you food for thought for your personal development. What kind of characteristics do sustainable organizations have? What is needed so that modern structures and processes can be established and state-of-the-art methods utilized? In our keynotes on leading people, we give you a quick overview on selected topics. We prepare you for the next steps.

Keynotes are suitable for small or large groups, can take place on-site or virtually, in German or English. We would be happy to advise you on which topic and format is right for your motivational talk.

Suggested topics:

  • Change begins in the mind: shaping transformation in the manager role
  • Leading people holistically: Meaningful leadership focusing on values
  • Leadership in an era of remote and hybrid working
  • Mind the gap: leadership that unites different generations of employees
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Your keynote

We tailor the talk to your needs!
  • You set an individual focus; we create customized motivational talks for you
  • Optionally, we can follow up your talk with a one-hour practical exercise
Details for companies

  • Cancellation free of charge up to 21 days before the start of training
  • Flexible group size with one or more trainers
  • Conducted in German or English language
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Open questions?

Is the number of participants limited in talks?
There are no limits set on the number of participants. From 30 people to 3,000 people, everything is possible. Let’s decide together which scope is suitable for you.
Following the keynote ...

  • ... you will have gained an overview of the key contents of your chosen topic.
  • ... you will view change as an opportunity and carry passion for the next steps into your work with a high degree of motivation.
  • ... you will know exactly where the path is leading and will infect other employees with your enthusiasm.
  • ... you can roll up your sleeves and start using the techniques, tools and methods you have learned to make collaboration more efficient.

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