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Mindful leadership seminar

The art of mindful leadership in a complex environment
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Only those with self-awareness can be there for others

You have recognized that it is essential for your managers to ensure that there is a good balance between their personal and professional focus. This calls for a holistic view of life and a combination of professional and personal goals, enabling managers to develop their own personal leadership style and inspire others without putting on an act.

The more you are comfortable within your own skin, the more likely you are to be authentic and continue to carve out your specific identity. Building on this, you can develop your own mindful leadership style as the basis of your individual understanding of roles.

Drawing on your own strength, you will ultimately become inspiring leaders who can engage and motivate others. Lead yourself and others mindfully to achieve a higher level of efficiency and increase satisfaction.

With a new self-conception, you will see that you can make a valuable contribution to the further development of your corporate culture.

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Day 1

Discover and reflect on the mindful leadership approach
  • Understand mindfulness in an environment characterized by change
  • Discover the impact level and principles of mindfulness
  • Explore your presence, relationships, ability to deal with stress, concentration, clarity
  • Recognize what mindfulness has to do with good leadership work

Day 2

Details for companies

  • Cancellation free of charge up to 21 days before the start of training
  • Flexible group size with one or more trainers
  • Conducted in German or English language
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  • The popular and familiar award for agile skills

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After the mindful leadership seminar, you will be able to …

  • … enhance your ability for self-reflection in your management roles in order to exploit your potential.
  • … pursue a leadership approach that makes it possible to combine personal and professional goals.
  • … develop a leadership style that focuses on the needs of other people and motivates them to perform at their best.
  • … use your new self-conception to make a valuable contribution to the long-term development of the corporate culture.

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