Creative design processes and powerful, action-oriented implementation

After coaching some of Europe's leading financial firms through strategic and organizational change, Brigitta founded her own innovation consulting firm to transform today's corporate culture. She inspires leaders and teams to challenge the status quo and foster creativity and innovation to succeed in the digital age. Brigitta uses Design Thinking and other user-centered design and Agile processes to bring companies closer to their customers and, based on this knowledge, to develop new digital business models in collaboration with startups and other partners in the digital ecosystem. In addition, she acts as a startup mentor at the Zurich-based Fintech Incubator & Accelerator (F10), where she helps selected startups to develop disruptive business models and scale their business ideas in an international environment.

Brigitta has more than 16 years of experience in international companies in both the pharmaceutical and financial services industries, where she led enterprise-wide transformation programs, digitalization initiatives and business development. She provides both practical knowledge from the industry and in-depth knowledge of innovation management in large enterprises.

By using various tools for virtual collaboration, such as Miro, Confluence, Asana or Slack, Brigitta manages not only to increase the efficiency of her clients. In virtual stand-up meetings, innovation workshops, design thinking trainings or webinars, she also takes a lot of time to introduce them to this new way of working.

Brigitta is a licensed Design Thinking and Leadership Coach, has a Master of Science in Business Administration and is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). She is particularly interested in building digital ecosystems and how venture capital structures can be used for internal innovation financing.

In winter she is in the mountains enjoying the slopes, in summer she likes to go underwater and discover the sea. Brigitta loves to discover new cultures, places or subcultures and is a regular guest at Burning Man.