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Das ist Daniel

  • Agile consultant, trainer and coach
  • Lecturer at the University of Economics and Management (FOM)
  • Many years of experience as a manager, worldwide development of agile teams
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics
  • Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master and Product Owner (according to Scrum Alliance)

Paths are made by walking them

aniel supports international organizations in questions regarding agile and digital transformation as well as the design of complex projects as an agile consultant, learning facilitator / trainer and coach. His intention is to find individual solutions for the needs of the respective organizational culture. He combines methods from traditional, agile and lean project or process management to achieve the best possible success for teams and companies. In order for the sense of agile and digital change to build on a stable foundation, it is important to him to work with companies on the necessary mindset as well as the leadership culture. In addition, he is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management in Munich for the Department of Business Informatics, where he passes on his practical experience of the last 20 years.

Daniel brings experience in 13 work cultures (e.g. Japan, China, Taiwan, India) and in building globally operating agile teams. Since 2005, Daniel has also been accompanying them digitally on their agile journey, trying out about 12 new learning guidance tools each year that allow him to deliver knowledge in an authentic and agile flexible way. He has worked with startups, SMEs and corporations and has many years of experience as a leader. Currently he is working on the agile or blended methodology case, hybrid project management, future leadership and agile software development.

He completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems at the University of Economics and Management (FOM). Additionally, he is a Certified Scrum Professional, as Scrum Master and Product Owner (according to Scrum Alliance).

In his free time, Daniel likes to be active with a mix of hiking, alpine sports, climbing and triathlon. He also enjoys cooking accompanied by good jazz music.

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