If you want something new, you have to stop doing old things!

For more than ten years, Michael has been dealing with matters concerning the digital transformation and taking up the challenge of using and implementing it in a manner that is both efficient and effective on a business level. He not only assists corporations on their digital transformation journey, but also helps medium-sized companies and start-ups to find their sustainable and agile business setup that is fit for the future.

As a consultant and coach, he works closely with managers and experts, combining methods from both traditional and agile project and process management to achieve the best possible success for teams and companies.

Michael’s roots are in the banking sector. In the course of his training and his part-time studies, he acquired the skills involved in classic process and lean management and learned all the important basics of structural and procedural organization. The importance of agile corporate management was then made clear to him in the real world early on in his career, because during his time in the banking sector, both the financial and the eurozone crisis came to dominate the market and the speed of change thus grew exponentially. With the merger of Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank, Michael was involved in the cultural and technological transformation of two large corporations and witnessed for himself how digitalization and agility can suddenly become hugely important in a long-established company.

Following his switch to a young IT start-up, he acquired an in-depth knowledge of agile software development, thereby changing roles to become a service provider. He has helped customers to master their challenges as a business analyst, product owner, scrum master and project manager, among other roles. At the same time, he took on responsibility for human resources as a manager and supported young talent as a mentor.

Based on this experience, Michael founded his own company in 2021 and now helps founders and entrepreneurs to develop their organizations and implement digitalization projects. Over the course of his career, Michael has frequently worked in hybrid teams that have been spread across different locations, sometimes in different countries. Since 2020, he has been providing most of his training and consulting services in the virtual realm and is a keen user of collaboration tools such as user story mapping, event storming, domain storytelling, etc. for the interactive organization of (online) workshops.

As a trained banker, Michael studied business administration on a part-time basis (bachelor of arts in business administration, FOM Düsseldorf | master of science, FOM Frankfurt) and then found his way to IT by switching to IT consulting.

Besides embracing digitalization, Michael is also a fan of the finer foods in life, which is why he has been running the Genusswarenladen store on Stadtamhof in Regensburg together with friends since 2021 as a pet project. When he is not working, Michael likes to travel with his wife. His favorite spots include the Tyrolean Alps – whether on foot, by mountain bike, motorbike, or on skis – and “Bella Italia.”