Stop starting, start finishing.

Peter is a consultant and coach specializing in agile transformation, agile leadership, and agile methods at Brainbirds. He has a keen interest in business models. He helps his clients and partners on all leadership levels to develop the right products in an agile manner – from the innovation and engineering process to the production stage.

As a consultant, project leader, and line manager, Peter has taken responsibility for growth and change plans within many companies and organizations. In his role, he is able to draw on experience gained from national and international companies across a wide range of sectors and industries. Peter has practical knowledge of software and product development, financial services, special-purpose machine and apparatus construction, the retail trade, the healthcare sector, and the logistics branch.

He is convinced that agile and adaptable organization structures and motivated employees are the key to successful companies. Besides his consulting activities, Peter also brings this conviction to part-time roles as a member of boards of trustees and administrative boards or as an assessor for business excellence within companies and organizations.

Peter is valued by his clients for his keen perception, excellent analytical and conceptual skills, and direct and highly transparent approach.

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