Dream in years, plan in months, ship daily.

Since 2017, Theo has already accompanied over 400 executives of highly scalable companies on their growth path. As an expert, he has implemented Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) as an agile management system in more than 80 organizations. In addition, as an advisor to many tech start-ups, he helps them achieve an initial product-market fit, traction and investment readiness.

Theo already discovered his enthusiasm for digital business models during his engineering studies. He has built and expanded new products with Scout24 and Check24. He used OKRs in practice for the first time in 2016 to master challenges as lead for product, UX and design in a fast-growing e-commerce company. Today, Theo is convinced that entrepreneurship is the way to solve the major questions of our time and puts this into practice in his focus areas: building digital products that solve real problems, establishing a corporate culture that turns high-performers into high-impact teams, and helping leadership teams make better decisions.

Since 2017, Theo has been working remote-first with his teams – he can’t imagine a return to office-first culture.

He studied aerospace engineering and mechatronics in Munich, enjoys playing the piano and loves fruity, light-roasted filter coffee.