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Das ist Kerstin

  • Managing director, company founder, consultant & coach
  • Strategy & innovation projects
  • Graduate in Business Administration
  • Design Thinking @ / HPI Potsdam

Success is not a goal, it's a journey.


At Brainbirds, Kerstin is an expert in innovation and strategy development and their implementation with OKRs. Her recipe for success is to build on the corporate culture to initiate creative and agile processes in order to develop and successfully implement sustainable, customer-oriented solutions and strategies. Kerstin's empathetic nature and trained expertise, allows her to manage and utilize the potential of her employees and inspire them for new ways of leadership, innovation and Design Thinking. She can easily familiarize herself with new industries and enjoys every new challenge.

Practical Experience

Kerstin combines extensive experience as a Brainbirds trainer from a variety of industries, including consumer goods, manufacturing, software, and many more, such as her role as a pioneer in Design Thinking, which she practiced at the in Potsdam. Since 2008, she has been deeply involved in innovation and strategy projects, both in advisory and leadership roles, including her time in product management at well-known companies and as a managing director and company founder. These roles have given her extensive leadership skills and business responsibility, particularly on an international scale. At Brainbirds, all this experience feeds into her training, where she shares her expertise in everything from developing products, processes and services to building cultures of innovation and guiding transformational leadership. Kerstin works effectively at all company levels, right up to DAX board members, and uses state-of-the-art innovation techniques.

Education / Qualification

Kerstin studied Business Administration in Mannheim and is a certified business graduate with expertise in Agile Project Management and Innovation Methods such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Lean Startup, Scrum, OKRs & Business Model Generation.


Kerstin sees the possibilities of AI as a great opportunity to make companies more successful. For this reason, she is also intensively involved in the application of AI in the context of innovation and strategy in her private life. She enjoys spending her free time with her family and her dog.


Leadership & OKR
Organizational Development, Transformation & Change
Innovation & Design Thinking
Business Model Generation



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