Your good idea gave me a great idea

Stephan is an expert in user-centered development processes. His focus is on the content application of Design Thinking, Design Sprints and Lego® Serious Play® . After his Design Thinking education, he conducted research on the "Role of Space in Innovation Processes" at the HPI Stanford Design Thinking Research Program. Stephan combines experimental and scientific analytical methods and is a strong advocate of qualitative research approaches.

In addition to his methodological expertise, Stephan is the founder of RETHINK Innovation and has extensive experience in the practical application of Design Thinking. Stephan passes on the knowledge he has gained in teaching assignments at the ZHdK Zurich, the University of St. Gallen and as host of the Zurich Design Thinking Practitioners Meetup and the Usability Testessen Zurich. In his free time, Stephan focuses on urban spaces and their (sub-)cultures, true to his study focus "Urban Planning in an International Context".

Stephan gained access to remote tools as early as 2015 while working on a transatlantic research project, where the virtual meetings were conducted mostly in a self-organized workshop format. Since then, Stephan has been supporting distributed teams along the entire Design Thinking process. Experienced in using common tools, Stephan takes advantage of, but also knows the challenges of workshop design, facilitation and execution in the digital space.