"The 9 most important skills for your professional future" - A book by Dennis Fischer

Our freelance trainer Dennis Fischer is dedicated to "Future Work Skills". What leads to happiness and success in our new working world?

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Fokus auf Future Work Skills von Dennis Fischer

New Work with Dennis Fischer

**We Brainbirds know that we cannot know everything. That is why we have always relied on the expertise of our nearly 40 trainers, all of whom have been working with agile approaches for many years as CEOs, company founders or coaches in dynamic markets. Only together with our experts can we always keep our finger on the pulse of time - we understand this as one of the central principles according to which we ourselves live agility. **

Theoretically and practically trained in the principles and methods of agility, our trainers/coaches also regularly evaluate new ideas and approaches to current international topics. Some of them not only pass on their knowledge enthusiastically in our courses, but are also successful book authors. This is also the case with Dennis Fischer, whose second book "Future Work Skills: The 9 most important skills for your professional future" (publication date February 15, 2022) we present to you today. Because we find the witty, varied, with real-life examples peppered beginner's book for all those interested in the topic of "New Work" very readable and at the same time extraordinarily entertaining.

Fokus auf Dennis Fischer

Streamline and optimize? Human competencies in an automated world

In a total of 222 pages, including numerous references for further reading, Dennis Fischer discusses central questions: "What skills do we need in this working world of the future to be successful and happy?" and "How do we get into action?" These spring not only from the awareness that by 2030, some six million Germans will change careers due to automation and digitization, and that most of us will drastically adapt our ways of working. Above all, it is about how we want to define ourselves as people in this world in the future and make ourselves strong.

Dennis Fischer doesn't want to tell us how humans can "streamline" and "optimize" themselves even more, become more efficient and productive than competing machines. We have already lost that battle, he writes. So instead, he wants to encourage his readers to recognize and strengthen those of our human competencies that set us apart. And which can have a real impact in our world.

Fokus auf Future Work Skills von Dennis Fischer

The roles and skills for the working world of the future - What do we really want, and what do we need to achieve it?

Against this background, the author, trainer and keynote speaker in the field of design thinking, innovation, business modeling and personal development encourages us to look at aspects that are becoming increasingly central today. In four chapters, he asks how we imagine our future working world as well as our role in it. With checklists, exercises, self-tests, videos, games and simple instructions, he helps us analyze our own situation. And while he sets out six principles for the new world of work, he also dispels a number of myths and unrealistic ideas.

Because his point of view is: instead of uncritically following superficial trends, we should decide what really matters to us. We should question our own mindset and the meaning of our actions. So that we invest our work in ourselves, our future and our personal and corporate happiness instead of betting on the wrong horse.

In a very concrete and always down-to-earth way, he discusses which skills and tools are necessary and helpful for this: Hard skills, soft skills, and method skills, how we learn them, and how we move into action through them. He emphasizes the value of lifelong learning, healthy self-awareness, empathy, resilience, creativity, critical thinking, communication skills and effective self-management.

Fokus auf Dennis Fischer

Follow your own nose

What makes Dennis Fischer’s book so accomplished is the knowledgeability and authenticity of his writing, informed by his teaching and entrepreneurial experience in the business world and presented in a friendly and accessible tone. Short, pointed arguments, funny anecdotes and statistics inform readers about all relevant topics without overwhelming them.

In his book but also in our New Work Seminar, Dennis Fischer teaches a pragmatic and humane approach that encourages us to follow our own ideas. He prompts his readers and course participants to engage with their situation, seek further training and position themselves.

There is one thing that’s clear to us Brainbirds: when we look to the future, nothing is more crucial than the commitment to developing a vision and pursuing it effectively. Only if we have clear goals and implementation strategies and draw on the expertise of our Agility experts, we can really seize the opportunities offered by our new world and effectively foster our own personal and entrepreneurial happiness.

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