You are only as good as the decision you make.

Fritz is a trainer for design thinking at Brainbirds. There are not many constants in Fritz's life. What unites all the changes, however, is that he aims to help his clients and participants make better decisions. He has pursued this goal throughout his career, whether as a senior manager, interim manager, startup founder or trainer. Today, he focuses mainly on impulse workshops and trainings in the area of innovation and modern collaboration models, which includes the area of New Work. For this purpose, he founded his agency, works project-based e.g. with Brainbirds and helps startups as well as young executives to advance as a mentor and advisor. He also lectures at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Zurich in various formats.

In his career, it is always important for him to be able to put himself in the shoes of his counterpart. Only those who speak the language of their counterparts are understood. As an executive in retail, various marketing positions, project and process management, reporting, customer experience, purchasing and other roles of various kinds, he appears as a generalist with a surprising amount of specialized knowledge. This is how he manages to act at eye level with call center agents as well as CEOs. His corporate career began after studying economics in Germany at Metro-AG in the retail sector. In Switzerland, he moved to ICT in 2009 and at Sunrise he both supported and structured the expansion from under 40 to over 110 stores, but also drove the introduction of customer centrism, the development of employee learning journeys and other transformative projects. In 2015, he founded his first startup "to learn something new outside of corporate" as he puts it. In 2018, he added his own innovation agency, which replaced his corporate career.

With the shift to more remote work due to the Corona pandemic, Fritz was already well positioned. Various formats, from short trainings to 40h remote workshops, from purely online to hybrid formats, he and his co-founder had already tested everything when the pandemic pushed this new world forward. While others were still debating whether it was possible to translate certain formats, he was already giving "online whiteboard" based highly structured workshops as standard. "I like both worlds" he says in response. Both have their advantages and you get the best results when you combine the advantages of both.

He earned his Diplom (FH) in Economics from the University of Cooperative Education Karlsruhe.

In his spare time Fritz is a board sports fan. Whether on a surfboard or a snowboard, he loves to stand crosswise in the world. He feeds his mind with non-fiction books about brain research, decision-making, social psychology and similar topics. As a rationally minded person, this is the biggest learning field for him and fulfills him a lot.