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Das ist Christopher

  • Founder, coach, consultant and trainer – self-employed for over 10 years
  • Expert for strategic agility, OKRs, design sprints, agile leadership and agile frameworks
  • Longstanding experience as a manager
  • OKR coach and scrum master, Scaled Professional Scrum, Management 3.0
  • Computer scientist

Culture eats all for breakfast

Christopher guides organizations, teams and people of all levels (structures, processes, culture, mindset) into their agile future. He combines in-depth knowledge of agile organizations with longstanding experience as a coach and leader. His intention is to find appropriate solutions for the needs of each organization through strategic agilization.

He passionately shares his knowledge and experience with OKRs, scrum, kanban, lean startups, Management 3.0, design thinking and complex product development with managers, teams and people. Through gamification and simulations, he has already developed numerous sustainable learning opportunities to impart knowledge. By using digital whiteboards, Christopher is able to inspire people to collaborate in a virtual space.

He has founded multiple companies, including Weckerle + Stolze, and Mobilificio.

Christopher holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten. His education was complemented by certificates in Management 3.0, Professional Scrum Mastering, Scaled Professional Scrum, Objectives & Key Results and Design Thinking.

Christopher already has over 10 years of experience in remote/virtual work contexts, which means he is very familiar with the use of digital tools such as Google Workspace and Miro’s whiteboard. As a former top athlete in bicycle racing, Christopher still enjoys riding his gravel bike in his spare time. But he is also enthusiastic about other sports like windsurfing, sailing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

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