When psychology meets innovation, something wonderful usually happens

Nico is normally consulted when it comes to tricky issues that require a fast, validated result with a high degree of team alignment. He applies a pragmatic approach to reshaping classic design sprints, so that proven success from product and service innovations can also be used for strategic or organizational challenges. The foundation of his approach is the philosophy of human-centered design, which is further strengthened by the progressive wicked problem solving approach. But Nico’s inner coaching attitude compels him to ensure sustainable implementation within the organization, even after the problem has been resolved. As a result, every sprint requires early commitments and planning towards securing employee buy-in and engagement with modern change approaches. His motto: It is too expensive and frustrating to let a successful kick-off be a “one-time event”.

Nico brings experience from both the classic mid-size market and startup environments. He recently worked for several years as a management consultant for holistic digital transformation. During this time, he was active as a project head, alternating between the initial strategic phase as a business designer and subsequent implementation as an agile change consultant. Before this, he served as head of people, assisting with the personnel and cultural development of a digital logistics startup in Hamburg during various intense stages of funding and scaling. His biggest highlight was introducing an agile goal system (OKRs) combined with digital culture analysis for a solution-oriented reflection on past OKR cycles in team retrospectives.

Whether remote or in-person – Nico loves both. Online, Miro and Nico are close, trusted companions, bringing participants structure and a visual orientation during workshops. He values multiple phases of high-level interaction, including in temporary virtual spaces, to ensure that all participants are fully engaged with creativity and commitment, rather than retreating into the background.

In his training, Nico pays particular attention to multidimensionality, as he is convinced that diversity of perspective, rather than one-sidedness, is the key to success. Accordingly, he began his studies in psychology (MSc in Glasgow) and business psychology (MSc in London) and finished (for now, at least) with an MBA focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation (also in London). In addition to his academic degrees, Nico regularly attended practical training in business coaching (ICF), agile working (scrum and OKR master), business design (TU Munich) and wicked problem solving (PMI).

In his free time, Nico is active as a blockchain investor. He also likes to exercise, particularly in the morning on his loggia in Hamburg, and enjoys moments of tranquility outside of workshops taking long walks on the beach or in the park.