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Das ist Nico

  • Leadership, OKR & New Work
  • Former executive & HR Manager of an AI start-up & Management Consultant for Change Management & Cultural Development
  • Business Psychologist (MSc. / MSc. / MBA)
  • Trained Business & Mental Coach

The future of work is healthy!


Nico feels at home in the areas of Leadership, New Work, OKR and health. He trains and coaches prospective managers in particular for Brainbirds on their way into their new role. He also follows the principle of "Leading Yourself before leading others." Therefore, Nico's work also specifically promotes the development of essential self-leadership skills so that managers become role models in dealing with stress, time management, delegation and prioritization as well as motivating communication with their team. As a trainer at Brainbirds, he has a flexible approach. From small groups and a mix of training and coaching to larger groups, Nico feels just as comfortable in face-to-face and remote settings. In addition to training for Brainbirds, Nico works on organizational scaling of healthy Leadership and Culture to make people healthier and happier.

Practical Experience

As a former executive and HR manager of an AI start-up as well as a management consultant for Change Management and Cultural Development, Nico has a lot of practical experience himself. Because the human aspects of leadership are almost 100% the same, Nico feels comfortable in any industry. He has already worked in logistics, aviation, fashion, consulting and FMCG.

Education / Qualification

Nico is a qualified Business and Mental Coach with additional training in dealing with stress. As a Business Psychologist, he holds two Master of Science degrees and an MBA.


Nico himself is intensively involved with the topics of self-management and longevity. He regularly tries out the latest technologies, such as medical brain stimulation methods, for use at home, as well as natural methods such as ice bathing and meditation.


New Work & Resilience
Transformation & Change Management
Cultural Development



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